Philosophy Minor

The minor in Philosophy provides students with an understanding of the principles, methods, and areas of application of contemporary philosophy. Philosophers study conceptual questions within and between the humanities, arts and sciences: What is art? What is justice? What is the relation between mind and brain? Philosophy at UC Merced combines a traditional curriculum with an emphasis on these interdisciplinary linkages. Because of this, students should be able to use their training in philosophy to complement their other coursework and to identify connections between their various areas of study. The program learning outcomes for the minor can be found here.

Minor Requirements

Lower Division Minor Requirements [4 units]
Complete one of the following courses: PHIL 001: Introduction to Philosophy [4.0 units], PHIL 002: Introduction to Ethics [4.0 units], PHIL 003: Applied Ethics [4.0 units], PHIL 005: Introduction to Logic [4.0 units], PHIL 009: Phenomenology and Existentialism [4.0 units]

Upper Division Minor Requirements [16 units]
Four upper-division courses chosen from a list on the SSHA Advising website Pre-approved courses not on the list may be substituted. Pre-approval should be sought from Philosophy faculty.

These requirements can also be found here.

Anticipated Course Offerings, Fall 2016

PHIL 001 Introduction to Philosophy (Rolf Johansson)
PHIL 002 Introduction to Ethics (David Jennings)
PHIL 003 Applied Ethics (David Jennings)
PHIL 005 Introduction to Logic (Rolf Johansson)
PHIL 102 Epistemology (Ben Pageler)
PHIL 107 Philosophy of Religion (Rolf Johansson)
PHIL 108 Political Philosophy (Peter Vanderschraaf)
PHIL 157 Love and Friendship (David Jennings)
PHIL 170 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Peter Vanderschraaf)
PHIL 172 Experimental Philosophy (Carolyn Dicey Jennings)

See the official course schedule here.

Course Descriptions

Current course descriptions are located here.