David Jennings

Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment, Philosophy

PhD Philosophy, Boston University
MA Classical Studies, Boston University
MA Political Science, Fordham University
BA Liberal Arts, St. John's College

Research Projects:

  • Friendship in Plato
  • Friendship in Aristotle
  • Defense of the philosophic life in Plato
  • Soul and body in Plato

Past and Current Courses:
PHIL 001: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 002: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 003: Applied Ethics
PHIL 130: Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 131: Plato and Aristotle
PHIL 134: Modern Philosophy
PHIL 157: Philosophy of Love and Friendship

Upcoming Courses:
PHIL 137: Nietzsche and Mill (Spring 2018)
PHIL 002: Introduction to Ethics (Spring 2018)
PHIL 003:Contemporary Moral Problems (Spring 2018)

SSM 259B